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Chris Lord

My name is Chris Lord and I am the Head Pixie and Pixel Pusher here at Pixielated Pixels. Welcome to my eclectic perhaps even eccentric, but definitely colorful website,  created and opened five years ago just around the time that I retired from the working world and began to follow my bliss. I'm from Brighton, by the sea. UK born and bred and still an Englishman at heart. However, I have been New York City based for longer than I care to remember! I now spend a vast amount of my time on this planet creating contemporary photographic artworks.

Photography has been an obsession since I was 13 years old and went off to Italy clutching my mother's accordion bellows style 1940s roll film camera. During this school trip I shot a bunch of black & white 120 roll film negatives at Pompeii and I was hooked for life on photography as a hobby.

I had a darkroom years ago but pouring evil smelling chemicals in and out of containers and waiting for that timer to buzz was not my idea of fun. I've been fooling with computers since I bought a Commodore Amiga 1000 on the first day that they were released back in 1985. My first chunky pixelized images were digitized into that machine using a black and white CCTV camera by making 3 exposures through the green, red & blue cells of a color wheel.

I was always a little disappointed, when the boxes of slides came in the post as they never matched the magical scenes I had envisaged in my head. At last, after more than 50 years of photography, with today's software and hardware (I build all my own computers now) I feel that I can create the images I see in my mind's eye and I'm finally really happy and enjoying the work like never before.

When I retired I bought myself a new Canon 5D and then a 5D Mark II. I then purchased a Sony A7r and  loved it. Recently I upgraded both to a Canon EOS 5DSR and a SONY A7r MKII (thanks to all the good people who have made it possible by buying a picture) I would love to visit exotic destinations to photograph but simply can't afford to, so I have to settle for the things and places that the universe is kind enough to put in front of me. I'm constantly on the lookout for new material for my pictures and I'll point the camera at anything that interests me. Most of the magic happens, of course, in Adobe's fabulous Lightroom and Photoshop programs. I have spent many many late nights with my butt parked in front of Photoshop's wondrous arcane interface and that's where I find my joy these days - in the editing process on a Wacom Cintiq 24HD monitor/tablet.

So Pixielated! Why Pixies? Well, I grew up in England and when you are in the English countryside, there is almost always two or three Pixies hiding just outside of your peripheral vision! You can sense them even if you can't quite see them and you can be sure they are dreaming up some kind of gentle mischief! There is also an expression in parts of England to describe someone who seems in touch with different realities or perhaps just a little eccentric as being "off with the Pixies" or simply pixielated! I rather like that so perhaps I am "off with the Pixies" So, what's a Pixie anyway you ask? Check out Pixies on Wikipedia, it explains the little folk rather well. My mother's family came from the west country and somebody in that wiki suggests that Pixie females mated with humans so who knows maybe there is a little Pixie blood running in my veins as I like so much to introduce a little "gentle mischief" into my images whenever I can!

So now that I am retired and living the life of a starving artist I hope some kind folks will buy some of my pictures so that I can afford to keep up and follow my bliss into my old age. My images do look even better when framed and hanging on a wall!

a secret peek at my workstation where I spend three quarters of my life

My Creative Corner
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