The Aviary - Pixielated Pixels
All work is protected by international Copyright with all rights reserved. 
Copyright holders are named as:© Chris Lord and/or Pixielated Pixels.
If you wish to use any picture, please contact me and apply for a licence.

My images do not belong to the public domain and may not be posted in or linked to another web page on the internet or intranet,  
published in any book, magazine, newsletter or newspaper, duplicated, used in a derivative work of art, used as illustration for musical, 
dramatic, and/or literary works, or used for commercial use of any kind whatsoever without my express written permission, 
including but not limited to resale of my images without a license for use.The reproduction, publication, modification, transmission or exploitation of any 
work contained herein for any use whatsoever, personal or commercial, without my prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

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